Recruiting, head-hunting, profesional selection, is the same thing, right?

Well, it isn’t.

Although it’s often considered as the same thing,  professional selection, recruiting, head-hunting and assessment centers are different processes with different purposes. I would like to briefly describe all of these processes. So let’s start.

Professional selection

This process starts when you post a job ad and numbers of candidates apply for your ad. Then, you choose candidates based on their resumes, interviews, or testing results. So basically, you have to choose a candidate from the list of those who applied to your ad.


This is a process of actively looking for the appropriate candidate for (mostly) high-level positions. You contact the candidate directly, interview and sometimes test him, highly discreet. So there’s no job ad or social network announce.


The process of finding and attracting a large number of candidates from which you will choose the best-qualified ones. Although the term recruiting is often used for the entire selection process but it’s only a part of it.

Assessment Centres

This is a process of evaluation candidate’s competencies, based on exercises which are actually a simulation of real work conditions and situations. It can be organized individually or in a group. This process can be very helpful in the evaluation of employees development process.

Let’s learn together 🙂


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