5 favorites in January


So, it’s January. Fresh start. New Year. Still, time to sum up the old and create plans for the coming year.  Well, maybe for some of us. The only thing I decided for this 2018. is to start writing in English, as a way to improve language and writing skills. As of January 3rd, I already had two new clients and a lot of work so I didn’t find time to dedicate to my website and new posts. And I feel bad about that. Really.

So I decided to sit down and try to organize my day, week, month better, so I can successfully joggling with my mom, wife, housewife and entrepreneur part. To be honest, I am still struggling but I won’t give up. I want all, I always did, but until now I didn’t realize how hard it can be if you are not organized well.

Jim Rohn

I actually didn’t have much time for other things like books, walks, shopping, etc, so this month I only present my Instagram favorites since they are the only thing I watched, while putting my baby to sleep. 🙂

The Internet is overwhelmed with various bloggers, vloggers, online entrepreneurs and others who are trying to advise and teach us how easy is to start our businesses, how to put makeup, how to dress, how to become influencers, how to make a lot of money overnight, and so much more. Well, don’t believe everything said. What comes overnight, may go overnight. There is no an easy way to earn money and become rich.

So I choose and make them my favorites this month, persons who I follow on my Instagram and enjoy every day with their stories, vlogs, and posts.

  1. Miss Dunja Jovanic from Fashion Babe blog. Besides being a fashion and beauty blogger, she shines with so many positive vibes and energy, that from the moment I spotted her in Instagram stories, she became my source of fun and laughing moments that made my mood instantly bumped up. She is also a very successful young lady and so far it seems she knows what she’s doing. So, go Dunja!
  2. Mr. Dusan Petrovic (@dusannpetrovic). Fashion photographer from Kragujevac city. This young creature inspired me with his beginning story. Like his photographs as well, Mihano Momosa pre-fall 2018 campaign is amazing. I like his energy and the way he talks to his audience.
  3. Young and very successful lady Carrie Green from Female Entrepreneur Association. I’ve joined Carrie’s member’s club in December and continue in January as well since this membership brought me a huge number of advice, examples, connections with female entrepreneurs from different parts of the world and I’m so thankful for them. I got lots of ideas for creating my online business and the greatest thing is that I have a group to support me at any time. 
  4. My old inspiration, all the way from Freelance Fest in 2017., where I first saw him. Mr. Petar Vasic from Vasic Media agency. I like this guys energy as well. His business advice regarding marketing on social media and the way he communicates with us. Also, I liked his beginning story he shared with us at the Fest. Very inspiring. 
  5. Jovana Miljanovic, I talk about this girl almost every day. I read her blog so many times. I watched her videos. This girl is so amazing. So open and honest. I like her idea of helping other girls in doing what they love.

These people inspired me to do what I was afraid for a long time. Start filming myself and interact with the audience… Brrrr… I even made my first video. Still waiting to be published. 🙂

So no books this month, unfortunately, but I will definitely try to read one in February. No new apps and gadgets either. Sorry. Just people who inspired me to try something new. And this is my way to say thanks to them.

And who is your inspiration for trying new things


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