Essentials of Organized Business

Every company I worked for so far had an issue with the organization. Often there were no process, there were no rules, there were no structure. Only the individuals in charge for specific tasks, with no goal or how-to attitude.

In the beginning, that frustrates me. How should new guys catch in if there is no structure of process to follow? So whenever I started in that like environment, I start creating my own rules and processes. That way it helped me being organized and easily follow up with my tasks and not so rear others tasks to. After a while, my colleagues start following my practice and continue to exercise it even today.

There is no any “brain-surgery” process here. The rule is simple – KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Going in to many details won’t help you much. Trust me, been there try that. Try to have few simple rules that you will follow and do not complicate to much.

Here are some examples that I use in almost everyday work:

  1. Bills and Invoices

If you are the one in the office that is in charged for taking care about bills and invoices, here is the template:



Save every bill you receive like: Address – year – bill category – bill number – mm-dd – Amount

Example: 5678 Bulevar – 2019 – Water – 1234567 – 03-15 – $23


Here as well you can use several categories and make your life easier

Save every invoice you receive like: Address – year – Service on invoice – Invoice number – mm-dd – Vendor name – Amount

Example: 5678 Bulevar – 2019 – Plumbing – 12345 – 03-15 – Lucky Plumbing Co – $250

This way you will have well organized files on your server, Dropbox folder, Google Drive Folder, or any place you keep your e-files.

See, very simple but yet effective and useful.

2. Reports

Remember how time consuming can be when you need to search all your emails and computer files for certain report that you need, like, right now? Why frustrating yourself if you can have it all organized and accessible from the first. Just take two minutes of your time when you receive it or prepare it and save it right. How?

Address – Year – Type of Report – mm-dd – Who prepare it

Example: 5678 Bulevar – 2019 – Plumbing Inspection Report – 03-15 – Lucky Plumbing Co

Ok, how hard this can be? And how much time did it take you to save it like this? Right? 🙂

3. Legal Documents

I like to see attachment in my email with the name and details and that is how I send docs to my customers. To me it is highly unprofessional sending the document like scan_873657405623056050.pdf, scanned opposite of way or reading so I need to turn my head for 180 degrees to actually read it. I just don’t like it and for me, whoever send it to me didn’t care much about it. Ok, I get it not all of us are computer geeks, not all of us have time to do it, but if you are in business, you should care.

Make sure you save it properly in a way that whoever sees it, can easily figure out what is it.

Example: BT Consulting – 2019 – Consulting Services – Form W9

BT Consulting – 2019 – Consulting Services – Articles of Incorporation

BT Consulting – 2019 – Consulting Services – EIN Number

I literally use this pattern in every single industry I am working with and I always have all files and folders nicely organized and easily accessible not only to me but to all my colleagues, clients and my family members. Tax season is almost end, but my customers and I don’t stress much about as all invoices and expenses are sorted out nicely and ready for CPA’s 🙂


1 thought on “Essentials of Organized Business

  1. Wonderful tips. Keep it up.


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