4 tricks that will keep you organized in digital world

In recent years, since I started reading a lot of books, blogs, articles in general about starting a business, side hustle, hobby, earning passive income, I’ve starting become overwhelmed with tons of opposite information I stored in this little brain.

Although I support solopreneurs, like myself, struggling to create their online empire, share their experience, knowledge, ideas, I start being lost in all tutorials, e-books, courses, materials. It was too much to handle. And that caused me being depressed, succeeding nothing but full memory on all my devices, no productive and penniless.

In several occasions I start deleting content I saved as a way of revolt and one of many fresh beginnings. That made me realize that the problem was actually in me. If I was organized and systematic from the beginning I would save a lot of time, nerves and tears and by now probably focused on the next step in my solopreneurship.

So what I did?


I first started from my emails. I am pretty sure all of us subscribed to so many lists to get a free checklist, guide, form, idea,… So I open every single email I received and read the content. 50% was deleted immediately, and the unsubscribe button was pressed on more than 75% of them. Not because they were spam but because the content of these newsletters was too boring and not useful, at least not to me. So why to waste time and mailbox capacity on it?

25% of subscriptions I divided to 5 categories and create 5 smart mailboxes/subfolders. Then I set up rules so every email should go to one of those 5 folders and in that way my inbox was and still is not overfilled with 1000 of emails that make me anxious by just look at them. I have a folder TO DO for the things like pay bills, renew a subscription, new clients inquiry, basically things that require action. Then I have a folder RESOURCES where all newsletters go, so when I need inspiration I go there and start checking incoming emails. Then I have folder ADMINISTRATION. This is where all emails related to my business goes. Website, blog, affiliate, bookkeeping, invoices, passwords, accounts, insurance, etc. Then TOOLS, where all my apps, online tools subscriptions, trials, demos. And the last one is TEMPLATES. Here is where I keep the promotional email that I like and I save them for inspiration and ideas for my emails.

Google Drive

I start using G Drive actively, year ago. Before that, all my things were on several USBs, hard disks and my laptops. As you can imagine, this was a mess. Every time I was looking for a certain document I had to go through all of these and of course the document was on the last one I checked. So this frustrated me so much. I felt so disorganized, messy and lost in space. Then I decide to localize everything and start transferring all on my drive. I can access from any device as long as I have an internet connection. I do not have to take my tablet or laptop with me all the time and I can have everything organized nicely in one place. A perfect match if you ask me. No more wasting time on chasing for documents.

Stop reading every single article

To have an idea yes, we should read when we run on some interesting article. But if you are reading for so long like me you should realize that all of these “successful” businesses never actually reveals true stories behind. All of them somehow blur the very beginning of the story and jump right to the first thousand of followers/clients/$. Sometimes these were made me feel stupid, although I consider myself very bright. Then I decided to focus more on ideas to help me create quality content or tool. Social media are powerful but if you do not know to control it, sometimes it just kills your will and mood. Bookmark good articles (create folders like tools, read, templates, sources, etc…), save book name and details in google spreadsheet (call it “library list”) or on your bookshelf.


When we are starting with the online business we don’t know where to start from. We start a blog, then we see that others have Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and we want to have it as well. And we should, but you cannot have it all at once, have quality content on all of them unless you have a team of people that will be dedicated to it. At the beginning most of us are solo players, meaning we are in charge of everything. And even if we think we can do it, it is most likely that we will need help. Instead, try to focus on one network in time. After you got your loyal followers there to start with another network and so on. Make sure you have useful content for your followers. Do not share everything as you want to build credibility and your brand.

There are a lot of tools you can use that might help you with organizing your social media profiles. Some of them I personally used for me and some of my clients are Buffer, Hubspot, IFTTT, etc… Probably there will be many more as I am constantly looking for new things to try. But if you are organized person simple excel of the calendar will be enough if you ask me.

So overall…

Point is to keep things as simple as possible. You have a full closet of the wardrobe and yet nothing to wear, right? Instead, why not having 10 items, but worth items (meaning casual, easy compatible not $$$ worth) and combine them in countless combinations. Save time, nerves and money 😉

Or, if you do not have time, idea or skill to clean up your mailbox, sort out your drive dropbox or server, organize your bills, invoices, contact list or subscriptions, ask for help. My team and I will be able to help. Write to us at info@biljanatomic.com and let us know what help do you need.

To have an idea, you can check out our portfolio here.

As always, any feedback or comment is highly appreciated.

Thank you.



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