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Since 2012. I dedicated my free time, energy and mind to Human Resources and eventually, it became my passion. I see it as a way of caring for people, helping them with everyday work challenges and showing them the career path.

It wasn’t always easy. We, human beings, love the comfort and we do our best when we feel good. This is why I strongly believe that my job as an HR Consultant is to make people feel good about their jobs. Create a work environment where they will not feel like machines for making a profit. Instead, I want them to feel important, valued and appreciated.

On the other hand, I love supporting business owners. Help them to get an idea, find a solution and start focusing on success rather than dealing with everyday operational stuff. I help them to find and pick the right people for their organizations. Show them how to implement processes and procedures and create a family workspace for their employees.

Why you need to hire me?

  • You have a strategy and require someone to carry out the day to day tasks
  • The tasks might be repetitive and require attention to detail
  • You do not have the internal resources to carry out these tasks and need an external consultant to step in

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