My story

Hey there, I’m Biljana!

After 8 years in the corporate environment and a lot of freelancing experience, I have decided to shape up things and become an entrepreneur and someone who helps individuals, small business owners and startups with their every day, time-consuming tasks.

My dream was to create my own business, to work whenever I want, with whom I want and from where I want. I also wish to support, inspire and help others in starting their own businesses.

I am constantly improving and developing myself because I believe it is the best way to stay successful, and as much as I enjoy learning, I enjoy sharing the knowledge.

So if you feel like you need assistance in your everyday business life or maybe looking to start your side hustle, feel free to contact me here or send me an e-mail at, I would be more than happy to be there for you.

 If you are not sure how I can help you with your business check here.

I love to share my experience and knowledge with my social media friends, so let’s connect on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest.




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